Dynamic Bones v1.1.7

Uploaded by KRSOndarift 1576973298 ago


It's an older version, but it checks out sir Dynamic Bones enable that sweet sweet jiggle physics on whatever you put them on, be it hair, clothes like a skirt or cloak, or b00bs. They normally move just from, well, movement, but with Dynamic Bone Colliders, they can be moved by pushing them with whatever a DBC is on, i.e. your hands. Edit: Before anyone asks, yes, it's Haydee.

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Kimi Yagami 1576977038 ago

someones very retarded and very late on the fact that this upload isnt needed

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Burnt Toaste 1577829460 ago

For all the people commenting on this saying it isn't needed or whatever, please keep in mind that there are always new players joining vrchat and not everyone has been around long enough to have dynamic bones.

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Kimi Yagami 1576977071 ago

idk why it has 5 dl's on it everybody should have dynamic bones at this point

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SpitDragon 1613972213 ago


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valor16 1577078352 ago

hello the haydee that to show in the image you will upload or upload please I liked her sexy curves

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__Doc__ 1577041518 ago

most of my dynamic bones packages were not adding dynamic bones to my componants, so thank you kind sir as this saved me

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NeganVR 1576978092 ago


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Minecraft Free Download 2016 1618003751 ago

so were did you get the haydee model from

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Kimi Yagami 1577292864 ago

why is this at the top ??? its fucking dumb af dynamic bones isnt really a new thing guys

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