Baby thot

Uploaded by Evur 1578658735 ago


Need to import : Last poiyomi Last VRCSDK The view point messed up a bit. You need to change it on the VRC_Avatar_Descriptor. View position : x 0 y 1.2 z 0.02 Please do not : Sell any part of the work inside, it's a free work.

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nigaman 1578687300 ago

"Please do not : Sell any part of the work inside, it's a free work." But Evur, you and your boyfriend do the same exact thing, you take parts and put them on a TDA base and sell it

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doraparuto 1578778720 ago

who need a ugly shit like this xD

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Hell raven okuu 1578671119 ago

Ugly ass lips

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NeganVR 1578672219 ago


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trylk248 1578960386 ago

Missing parts of the body at the height of the pelvis.

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Oryshade 1578859360 ago

Omg love the model it's so cute! In love with the hair and the bangs!!! <3 Did you make the hair yourself?

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yummydaddy 1578745027 ago

this is a BABY GIRL! Love your work.

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AntTay109 1578695892 ago

So sorry to bother but the panties aren't working :C

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404 1578681609 ago

the face looks weird

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Bufordfarmboy 1578675678 ago

Thank you Evur I love your work!

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Mckitty 1578671719 ago


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emma 1578669075 ago

I took it as a base, thx

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HermitKermitDie 1584314975 ago

can someone help me import the avatar? im having troubles using unity... my discord is HermitKermitDie#3934 i also want some help on how to import avatars in general :0. the video im looking at didnt really explain it much

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Yursa 1582232375 ago

<3 love the avatar. super cute. ^ ^ thx for sharing. VRCmods has gotten so toxic

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DusyaDusya 1579358721 ago


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Kylian 1578843183 ago

I would like to borrow this.

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Nawti 1578776885 ago


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