NiiNeko's NSFW Model (pls read the Description)

Uploaded by NiiNeko 1578711183 ago


Now its time for a new Model for free! :3 This Model is not made for VR or Fullbody - only Desktop ( the shirt is in vr broken -__- because i make weight painting since 1 week ._. and the weights are only work in desktop ) But i hope you like it anyway, so have fun and enjoy it <3 You only need to put in the SDK and click to upload! SDK: - With F3 (Handopen/Underwear) and F8 ( ThumbsUp/Naked ) can you undress the Model :P ( you can't see the body gestures in the Mirror! ) - If you like this Model, here is my World for more:

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NeganVR 1578739254 ago


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DayTimesOver 1578730389 ago

for me the vagina is just not there, it's like a ken doll pelvis lmao just flat

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VRCHEATS 1578720454 ago

cool, thanks for the poon

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Red134 1578865847 ago

What is the point of a lewd model if I can't use it in vr blyat

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YeetusTheFetus 1578860962 ago


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