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I made this shader for you guys hope its anything what you can use for your avatars Shader is used on the body, face, hair, ears and shoes of the avatar in this image (Model isnt for you guys ;D) **CANCER** join my Discord ;D https://discord.gg/6fJpBVY

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Magic3000 1578995023 ago

Prodam original za 10 bachey / Selling original model from preview for 10$

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Eagle 1578945127 ago

Well, the name checks out at least LOL

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Fou 1578997336 ago

da hacker group is called autismo gange, dont stand infront of anyone waving deir hands either because they will through your avatar off de map.

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Yollo 1578992310 ago

(?…? )

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NeganVR 1578958089 ago


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