Animation (You so precious when you smile)

Uploaded by FaKe 1579794352 ago


Lazy auto scripted animation! -------------------------------- -------------------------------- Setup -------------------------------- Song -------------------------------- Shader -------------------------------- Unity-chan not encluded!

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heart poit FBX 1579837343 ago

hahaha that bit animator ufffffffff learn how to key frame by hand

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UhOhStinky 1579834017 ago


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NeganVR 1579803634 ago


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Ageious 1580359129 ago


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Medaka 1580085196 ago

FaKe = cute

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Magic3000 1579963854 ago

woah someone using my shader in 2D2D-year, unbelievable?

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RedTaction 1579912446 ago

if you can could you give me a a walkthrough on how to apply this, i watched the setup video but i dont seem to get it, My discord is RedTaction#5613

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rektKid 1579803254 ago

are you using internet explorer? this is 2 years old retard

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planetpatrick 1602110611 ago

so how do you sue this anmion in 3.0 via menu?

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TheEchoTechno 1587513262 ago

Any way I can get information about the animation auto script?

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Asuna 1581192432 ago

can someone tell me how to apply this on a avatar? im new to everything practically and still need help! pls reply ur discords here if its better

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RVnageN 1580103736 ago

i remember when this song was popular in vrchat....2 years ago

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OwOUwU 1579927767 ago

Why can't people make a nice outline like cmon it's not that hard...

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