UMP45 Foxgirl - Girls' Frontline

Uploaded by Paz 1579922203 ago


Preview: Requirements: Dynamic Bones, VRCSDK, Poiyomi Toon Shader 4.7+ ( And Rero's Standard Shader ( Have fun with this model. One of my old models i never ended up finishing it so i might aswell just upload it here and let others be creative with it. Has a working gun with ejecting casings with collision and a shooting animation, plus two facial gestures. On the arm you have some space to put your name or some logo on the armband thingy.

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frostyconor 1580573156 ago

i edited the template in 3d paint but how do i get it onto the avatars armband

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LiefRisten 1592500353 ago

How do I remove a gun? I dont need a gun with.

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EvenFarther 1581733490 ago

Why do I look like I am in orthographic mode in game?

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12tharchknight 1580679022 ago

what can i do to make this full body usable?

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Zombite 1580067388 ago

How would I go about publishing it, it has too many poly's?

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madbob44 1579957450 ago

how do i put my name on the arm band?

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Kelivan 1579952380 ago

Took about an hour of fiddiling but I got it working, loving it.

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SvKnS 1579943573 ago

Can't save it :(

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NeganVR 1579928901 ago


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