Louis Beastars

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3D model of Louis from beastars. Made in 3Ds max 2020 and exported in fbx. For vrchat just import the unitypackage, open the scene called LouisScene.unity and publish the avatar.

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Wigga 1581521442 ago

4 hours and Negan is yet to show up

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Anathar 1581615185 ago

Hello a big thank you for sharing this model <3, is it possible that you have the models of the manga ishuzoku reviewers from this same model creator? and if so can you share them too :)

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Mare Bello Fiore 1581556734 ago

Pirated model, supposed to be paid for on cgtraders.

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Rogi 1581509433 ago


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catletnya 1581508953 ago

negan incoming

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Kendaar 1581828980 ago

this is a $13 model, please remove it

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Scena 1581724467 ago

This is a paid model, you should remove as to help the income of the person who put in the time to model.

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NeganVR 1581538098 ago


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