Shimakaze (Public/Semi-NSFW)

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A new Shimakaze I made cause I got tired of looking at the MMD Shimakaze. Last time I uploaded here, most people couldn't figure out how to use the first package, or read instructions, so this time I made a scene file for you kids cause that's all you can work with. Jokes aside, this model is a short Shimakaze with a thicker butt (to my tastes). As per my last post I made here a while ago, I'm short irl so you'll have to deal with the short proportions here. Labelled "Semi-nsfw" cause she ain't got no skirt, boiiii Package includes: -FBX -Scene File -Gestures -Blender file (For those that want to edit the model. You'll have to re-assign the textures in blender.) Things I used when making this: -Poiyomi Shader (whatever the current one you have is fine, as long as it isn't master) -Unity 2017.4.15f (I'm lazy to update it) -Dynamic Bones So, the model might not work if you don't use those things. Instructions: 1 - Download the package and then go to unity, assets, import package. 2 - After Importing the package, you'll have a Shimakaze folder. Open it, then open the scene file included. 3 - The model will (probably) be pink. Go to the materials folder, then set it to your shader. This model has emissions, so if you don't have an emissions field in your shader, they won't work. 4 - Mess around with it however you want, and upload. Simple. Issues: 1. Gestures may not work in-game. I'm using 2017.4.15f, and that can cause animations to not transfer to the current version. So, you'll have to remake the gestures yourself if that happens. 2. Not many shapekeys to use. I'm using a koikatsu face, and it was a nightmare to fix. So, if you don't like the shapekeys I created for it, sorry, it's all you get. Maybe chop the head off and swap it for the other Shimakaze face. I'm holding people's hands in this package here. If you really can't figure it out, I don't know what to tell you. The only issues I can see you having is version differences, but eh. Not really my problem.

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