Kurisu Makise

Uploaded by manek 1519247719 ago


Kurisu Makise (CHRISTINE) from the Anime/Game STEINS:GATE
this model uses dynamic bones and vrcsdk
It has viscemes, dynamic bones and eye tracking
manual decimation/mesh correction and manual atlas
my second attempt at a avatar hope you enjoy it and improve it
Original MMD model by https://elrincondelkitsune.blogspot.com.ar/2012/10/mmd-kurisu-makise-windows-100.html

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Hayan 1547130108 ago

Thank you very much manek

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Hayan 1547129897 ago

It's "dood doo ruu" not do doo dooo...

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Murasame 1519584102 ago

Pretty nice my dude

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Kurisutina 1519313395 ago

It's so sad reading certain comments here on this site or on internet in general.
Anyway, thank you very much for this model! I have tried so many times editing this model, i've made so many changes that I dont even remember how many, but unfortunately I havent fixed it.
Luckily you shared this model from your perspective, thanks a lot!
As you can see I am a fan of Steins;Gate, so that only makes me happier. :))) @manek

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Thunderchild 1519266372 ago

We need Mayuri with a Do doo dooo emote!!! :D

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manek Author 1519260279 ago

before uploading change the settings in the material to cubed paradox/flat lit toon
rendering mode opaque
outline mode tinted
width 0.02
that may work i don´t know why does it say cude shaders :D

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Iodine Vapor 1519259957 ago

@YolmADog Ah ok, didn't know about that. Thanks for the heads up.

@b0Stark Thanks for being toxic instead of civil. I can tell the users of this website have no empathy for those that lack knowledge in 3D models.

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b0Stark 1519259356 ago

@Iodine Vapor, excuse you? Any well-educated 3D artist knows that applied materials for game objects and characters should be one-sided since you shouldn't be seeing anything from the inside anyway (although holes should be closed as not to ruin the illusion). Two-sided materials makes the model heavier to load. If you're not satisfied with the product @manek delivered, take it upon yourself and do the changes you want.

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YoImADog 1519257102 ago

Hi Iodine! Cubed shader does not work for user's with a AMD made graphics card so put a shader you like on that work's for you =)

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Iodine Vapor 1519252721 ago

Its a good model, but the textures are one-sided and it doesn't use cubed unity shaders. Add those and it'll be perfect.

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