Second Sister [70k poly] (with dynamic cape and theme song)

Uploaded by asifsaj 1581726202 ago


Second Sister from Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. The main antagonist of the game. The package also includes her theme song. DL Link: File size (250 mb), so it's too big to upload on this site, but you can download the avatar from the above link. Theme: Has Dynamic bones for the cape.

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L4z 1581761844 ago

Would be cool if she had the lightsaber

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Predarno 1597925727 ago

je vous propose de télécharger ce modèle avait déjà équipé avec le sabre laser :)

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CheinSojang 1581914092 ago

why so many mbs? are all the textures tga?

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Shuaizu 1599963417 ago

Can you do Seventh Sister? And if you can give her a lightsaber, whether it's hers or a count dooku saber. <3

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NeganVR 1581733988 ago


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