Artoria Pendragon (Rider Alter)

Uploaded by Satsuki 1519325169 ago


Artoria Pendragon (Rider Alter) by ????? (vrcmods can't display Japanese characters)

Link to original model:

Model converted to VRChat by Satsuki

List of features:
- Fully Rigged for IK
- Cubed Shaders
- Lip sync
- Eye tracking and blinking
- Dynamic Bones
-- Skirt
-- Hair
-- Boobs

- Coat
- Crazy Coat :P
- Sniper

Dances: Coming soon™

Everything you need except for the VRCSDK is contained within the package!

All our uploads can be imported into the same project! You don't need to import the VRCSDK every time. Just be sure to import the shaders and Dynamic Bones only once! If you're not sure, just use seperate projects, that works fine as well!

Look here for a video on how to import the avatars:

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constroc 1555639257 ago

When I add skin in game, Why my custom emote don't appear in emote menu ?

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Eaven Starchilde 1535822553 ago

This is Saber Alter, not Rider Alter.

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andrew0215 1528347812 ago

where is the unity avatar packge i cant upload?

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animerush272 1526607533 ago

Yooooo Need the Discord link. It says it'v invalid.

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Mijin 1521664685 ago

the emote where the fate song plays doesn't work, just pink shit missing texture floating in sky.

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games02 1520296372 ago

pink naughty insects

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Dispentry 1519513419 ago

I can't use the custom emotes?

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azlizet3 1519497645 ago

If you guys are getting the red warning and can't upload you need to get the old version of SDK in unity ill leave the link here!F2AH3L7T!Trcj4SssZL0eYSEUOJFNEWdLZs41wdo0CAOQMyUqBBs

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LeiftheMan 1519409321 ago

The psrticle effects dont work for me, any idea why that is? (Its just purple/pink squares)

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Satsuki Author 1519356226 ago

the OSPaudiosource is located on the coat via the armature. It is created if you have an Oculus by unity. Just right-click the item and delete do not delete the audio source tho.

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YoImADog 1519347188 ago

Hi SFXacidic! The file is ready to simply upload, just drag and drop into unity. If you get the "The following component types are found on the avatar and will be removed by the client: ONSPaudiosource" error try a older version of unity.

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Firren 1519336708 ago

Any one that can tell me where the OSPaudiosource file is located

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Levon 1519336568 ago

The overhead effect doesnt seem to be working for me. It doesnt have any textures applied to it. none of the materials were pink

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SFXacidic 1519333253 ago

Can you create a file that has it all ready to simply upload, I don't see it on my end if it's there.

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Levon 1519331503 ago

@Oslion You need an older version of the SDK. That or find the offending file and delete it and hope everything still works ok

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Oslion 1519330062 ago

Getting an error message I can't seem to fix. "The following component types are found on the avatar and will be removed by the client: ONSPaudiosource" Red stop sign error. Am I missing a plugin or something for unity?

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Lelah 1519326758 ago

Great model. Works perfect, amazing job you guys!

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