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Middle Finger (Hand Gesture) Screenshot Middle Finger (Hand Gesture) Screenshot Middle Finger (Hand Gesture) Screenshot

13.7K Total Downloads

250.8K Total Views

Asset Type Animations

File Type Unity Package


I couldn't find this on VRCMods so here you go :3

Assets (1 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Middle Finger/Middle Finger.anim

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BruhMomento69 1582090122 ago

imagine getting pissed at someone making a prefab animation. l m a o

burntperiodblood 1626120324 ago

everyone in the comments are so mad for literally no reason if you dont like the fact a gesture is on a website make it yourself?

Imotekh The Stormlord 1581983964 ago

Wow, what a fuckin accomplishment, a simple pose of the middle finger, genius this one is.

BLG18 1581981241 ago

You made the newbie even more retarded than before.

Red134 1583410822 ago

fuck you too

Arengie 1582155054 ago

This is funny because it actually takes more time to download this and import it than it does to actually make it yourself. GJ, gamers.

NeganVR 1582094446 ago


bitty 1581975810 ago

this is so easy to get off any model that has middle finger but gotta give them assets to the dumbfucks who can't get them theirselves <3


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