SDS Grand Cross - Ban

Uploaded by Eagle 1582074448 ago


Ban (best boi) from the Seven Deadly Sins mobile game: Grand Cross back from under my rock to give an upload yeet Comes with visemes and eye tracking Weapon included as well plus voicelines Included some gestures with audio: Ban's weapon, and weapon with attack voiceline Ban Happy Face, plus Ban with the ''Captain!'' voiceline uses Poiyomi's shader Any questions or problems? Dm me on discord @ Eagle#4191, or come chat in one of the vrcmods discord's help channels

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MariokidGaming13 1614723296 ago

I tried to import it one I just click to builder, it won't show up.

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sleepii_ 1583804272 ago

the download doesnt seem to be working anymore? whenever i click it takes me to a error 404 page

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NeganVR 1582094371 ago


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