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This model does not include fingers, nor viscemes. You may need to have the dynamic bones installed to make use of the dynamic bones I made. note that this model contain more than 150,000 tris

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sayk_ 1582229613 ago

We put degenerates like you on a cross.

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Red134 1582471757 ago

gulag for you blyat

4 Reply
Bubbles1 1582433311 ago

gross, fucking furries

4 Reply
thic 1582767993 ago

good but the comments are toxic (including me)

3 Reply
EuropeanHare 1582730983 ago

The ammount of Weaboo salt on the comments is lovely. Not a big fan of furries myself, but i like the character Amaterasu from Okami, so i may say it looks good, i guess.

3 Reply
Pleasethatoneperson 1587892971 ago

It’s clear to see that you fully textured all the nice places, so I just gotta ask if you could release a full nude version?

2 Reply
chunkymonkey 1582546304 ago

who made model ?

2 Reply
NeganVR 1582296166 ago


2 Reply
DusyaDusya 1582829617 ago


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Drew25 1582483291 ago

this is just wrong

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DarkLazer 1582399949 ago

We need another Hitler so he instead killing Jews he killed all the furrys. People now a days into animal pornography. You have series brain issues you should see a doctor.

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SaladoJoestar 1582299405 ago

Oh, so that's why elon musk gave us flamethrowers

1 Reply
RaZe Green 1582250233 ago

im fix it for the hands

1 Reply
asifsaj 1582242069 ago

Anakin, I was right. The furries are taking ovah!

1 Reply
GarogenXs 1672252929 ago


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AnimeLoverOtakuAndFnafFanNya 1582239808 ago

Hmmm........meh whatever I’ll take it

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