Albedo Overlord (Eye Tracking,Visemes,Dynamic Bones)

Uploaded by Laezor 1519398561 ago


Albedo by adamaki

original link:

Model converted to VRChat by Laezor.

Model has:
-Eye tracking/Blinking.
-Mouth visemes.
-Dynamic bones.

The package contains only the model, so in your scene you must have cubed shaders and the vrcsdk.

click on the Albedo unity file to load everything.

Update: textures have been fixed to right colors :).

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FutureNeptune 1585150094 ago

The model still go pink.

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Power Hungry PC 1542110331 ago

Nice! I am working on turning and OBJ File of Ainz into a model for this game as well

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rob7xiv 1541707182 ago

i love Albedo <3

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UncleKarma 1522797458 ago

Bless you

0 Reply
Laezor Author 1520355292 ago

colors have been fixed to right ones you can re-download the model if you want.

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YoImADog 1520324530 ago

All you guys can keep doing is retrying the uploads when you get the blueprint id error and just change shader if it appears pink.

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Tyr 1519943653 ago

don't working. have id block.

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NepsyNeptune 1519618642 ago

dosent seem to work can upload just fine after removing bluprint id
but in game dosent work only shoes as a red loading avatar

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Online R3tard 1519557005 ago

StarlineBR how did you get the textures working and the upload working too?

0 Reply
StarlineBR 1519478869 ago

(remove VRC pipeline manager script ) the option that the guy created the ID you remove...

0 Reply
saint 1519448890 ago

haha tyrone iam with u xD dont know how to do that aswell^^ gonna need to learn working with unity finally >.< but iam kinda to lazy to get startet^^

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tyrone423 1519435629 ago

anyone know how to detach the blueprint id

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YoImADog 1519434474 ago

Hi saint, detach the blueprint ID and try then. The only solution is to do that and hope it works

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saint 1519408752 ago

i can upload the model without problems. but if i try to open and upload the scene i got an error. anyone else got that problem?

0 Reply
lagnx 1519407614 ago

This is so good <3

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MGFabi 1519402422 ago

The wings / horns have a weird yellow-ish tint

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