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Cardpuppet from the mmorpg Fly For Fun (FLYFF)
used to play this games a few years ago and this cute doll was a mob and fortunately a adorable pet
but i couldn´t export the cute animations that come with her buth maybe some more cute mobs will come
this model was my first attempt at assigning bones and meshes from zero and turned out pretty well
it has dynamic bones in hair and in the skirt
unfortunately no viscemes nor eye tracking but i hope i can cover those soon
it´s a small model almost 1.2 and its textures are the originals from the game except i coulnpt import the transparecy
hope you enjoy it or maybe inclusive add her as a real peto to one of your avatar because she has really low poly count <2k
managed to aplly transparent textures and fix parts of the mesh

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GoldPlatedZombie 1592038663 ago


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camac93 1546122508 ago

cam 8923

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camac93 1546031779 ago

Hey, i'm making a flaris map if you're interested in checking it out at some point :) My Discord is Cam

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Rika360 1519512365 ago

parese del juego flyff for fun hahaha lo e jugado :)

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