Hachiman V2 (7 Gestures, FBT, Dynamic Bones)

Uploaded by Unari 1584264817 ago


Heya everyone here's an update to My Hachiman avatar I posted a little while ago Update: Optimized colliders, tweaked shading, added previews for all gestures, fixed a rare issue which didn't allow you to upload, updated shader to latest version as of 3-15-2020 Poiyomi Toon v5.3.07 and Dynamic Bones included; SDK Not included Uses Cloth for the skirt and Dynamic bones/Colliders for Hair and Breasts, Has Visemes, all 7 gestures, Eye tracking, Oculus friendly. Skirt bones are left on the model in case you prefer Dynamic bones PS: If you have any questions (or if something breaks) feel free to message me on Discord and I'll be glad to help: Unari#4049

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bluetheneko 1586789039 ago

i love this avatar btw its a beautiful creation

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bluetheneko 1586788974 ago

how amazing this model is this is great um i have every thing like the cat-blender and ect but i need help on stuff like putting my avatars on it properly i would be extremely grateful if you would help me

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Korika 1584363306 ago

those are huge honka donkas

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Jujuju 1584311962 ago


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NeganVR 1584310027 ago


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