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Video: SHIFT + F3 - Dancing without music SHIFT + F5 - Maracas SHIFT + F6 - Dancing with music and particles (world object) SHIFT + F7 - Dancing with music and particles (moves with you) SHIFT + F8 - Sombrero

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Red134 1584429861 ago

this should be chinese not mexican

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NeganVR 1584387535 ago


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DusyaDusya 1585226662 ago


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Odygames 1584395421 ago

Why this exactly?

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mr2meows 1589038911 ago

uhh i dont have a vr keyboard

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Minamae 1588500987 ago

omg polski avatar ?oooooooooooooooooooooooo xd

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EggNuggs 1588111522 ago

Pls Halp. Im somewhat new to this model stuff and when i open the file in unity its in peices. when i try to recconect the head and stuff the build controll pannel says too manny polygons and wont let me continue. im probrably doing it completely wrong.

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exoticjazzy01 1585165919 ago

oh no wha t u doooo

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seabug 1585025995 ago

wash your hands

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Jujuju 1584415929 ago

i swear to god if this ends up in my chiken diet, im killing myself

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