Sniper Rifle

Uploaded by heyman1231 1585358047 ago


A high quality gun for all you cool kids to put on your back and never use. Just add your choice of hip NEKO™ Shader to slap on and youll be the most popular 12 year old in the pug. (does not include any shaders)

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JiggleJogglers 1590556650 ago

this is dogshit

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PhantomReaperX3 1588383590 ago

thats alot of damage

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heyman1231 Author 1588114350 ago

Its only been up for a month and its already my most downloaded item.

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Cirno 1585765085 ago


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Paranoias Big Venom 1585424276 ago

wow what a pedophile

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Jujuju 1585422630 ago

"is that herpu m107?" "no... its from sketch.... *crash*" :(

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NeganVR 1585395173 ago


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