Monster Hunter World Gestures 2

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Email [email protected] if any issues or questions. MHW Iceborn dances extracted from the game files using information and scripts from the MHW modding wiki Models, sounds and more assets avaliable from my archive A load of gestures and animations from Monster Hunter world Iceborn, converted to unity humanoid. Some of the dances Includes: Back to Wave 486 Clean Dance Entry 496 Clean Dance Step Loop 488 Clean Dance Step Start 487 Clean Power Move End 491 Clean Power Move Main 490 Clean Power Move Start 489 Hype Up Clap 494 Hype Up Dance Step 493 Point to wave 492 Swag Dance Entry 495 Swag Dance Step End 485 Swag Dance Step Loop 482 Swag Dance Step Start 481 Swag Power Move Spin loop 484 Swag Power Move Start 483

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yo that some real chicken dance uwu

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