Sage from Valorant (Custom visemes and eye tracking by me)

Uploaded by CheinSojang 1586578546 ago


My discord with exclusive assets: Dynamic bones required First Valorant ripped for VRChat Once I reach 900 members in my discord I will release Marauder and Doom Slayer here Have fun

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Polygonal 1586824895 ago


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K1Kozume 1651483754 ago

please can you do Neon

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Dababy Convertile 1618428530 ago


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Jayzzz 1598016616 ago

Would love to see Omen

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lunasta 1596461733 ago

i need help, her eyes got glitched, i dont know how to explain its like she doesnt have half of her eyes :(

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CheinSojang Author 1586636761 ago Make sure to join this awesome server too

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eN7ity 1586614663 ago

"First Valorant ripped for VRChat" tell that to my Phoenix Avatar

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NeganVR 1586612695 ago


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