Sakura Hoppou

Uploaded by RaveNkumquats 1586616664 ago


Decided it was time to dust of the Hoppous and stitch together another upload :) My Discord is RaveNkumquats#0640 feel free DM me if you need help :) Thanks for taking a look at my model <3 **Has** -Eye tracking -Visemes -DynamicBones -Should be FBT compatible **Requires** -Shader of your choice, I recommend the latest update of Poiyomi Toon Shader -Dynamic Bones(If you want the hair, skirt parts to move) **Know Issues** -Slight clipping at the waist area when bent -Legs go through skirt when walking

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plusTx 1586657792 ago

make a neko please~

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yungsamu 1586633935 ago

yooo make a kakashi version please!

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NeganVR 1586628509 ago

mein gott sex

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