Riley by Jana_Inh (gift for 500 discord members!)

Uploaded by Jana_Inh 1586629989 ago


My gift for 500 members on my discord! READ THE DESCRIPTION How to: open new project, import the unitypackage and newest SDK! the package has prefabs included to just drag in! RULES: Do not sell anything of the Package Do not publish Don't claim it as your own join my discord for more: since the file is too big for vrcmods, download here: The file provided in this post is NOT this model!

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tacocheese123 1586824837 ago


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JapariNeko 1586700039 ago

The jacket awakens my ptsd

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NeganVR 1586675710 ago


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Jujuju 1586654158 ago

lookin like a chicken nugget meal uwu

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sexfornegan 1586632165 ago


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ilovepoptarts 1590628442 ago

it wont give me the model just a folder that says ring above why is that?

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Nagettsu 1586819808 ago

yeah but u didnt put sex on its own, rbx

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Godzephose 1586816380 ago

Is the model for both this and the cyber girl just not in the files? Like are they on your discord?

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AlaskaDZ 1586763200 ago

There are no scene to start with the files are there but the unity open package is not there like on the cyber girl one please can u fix there no way to open the complete project without redoing the whole avatar

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rbx5000 1586667889 ago

sex i win again negan

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rbx5000 1586667814 ago

tf is this

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