Glitch - Facerig Starbound

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Hosted externally due to an upload error Email [email protected] if any issues or questions. Requires Mochies Uber Glitch Starbound from Facerig with axe and sword. Extracted from the game files using offzip and a script by Zaramot. Original model and more assets avaliable from my archive I do not know what and green texture is for, let me know if you do. Gestures: Rock and Roll - Equip Axe Victory - Blue screen with sounds Sources: Glitch model - Facerig Begginers Axe model - Dauntless Robot Noises - Starbound Equip sound - Oblivion

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NeganVR 1586844767 ago


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DayTimesOver 1587608137 ago

1 slight issue with the model... on the back of the avatar where the belt is, theres a rectangle that you can see through. other then that it's a good model

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Zekrom 1587058235 ago

I love the artwork that you do, man. Especially with the Starbound models. If you're able to pull of a Hylotl model, that would be amazing. Keep up the awesome work! :)

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possap 1586795365 ago

In honour to Negan: Sex

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