Fox With Bunny on Head

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I was recently banned from VRCHAT for 2 weeks again and have become demotivated to create anymore content for VRCHAT for a while, and I do not want to risk my content being lost, as most people seem to enjoy it, and thats the point, making people laugh and smile so I am putting it out there ready to upload for anyone who wants it, love you all, thankyou for the wonderful memories and the friendships we have / are forging together and have yet to, : hugs :

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NeganVR 1586844762 ago


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heyman1231 1586839984 ago

Let me guess, one of the mods doesnt like you?

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amen 1586822097 ago


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AnimeLoverOtakuAndFnafFanNya 1586805732 ago

No offense, but, this model looks like it came from crossy road...or maybe that’s just me ¯\_(?)_/¯

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