Konjiki no Yami ( cubed shaders, Dynamic bones)

Uploaded by Laezor 1519596094 ago


original link: https://prichama.deviantart.com/art/To-Love-Ru-Gravure-Chance-Characters-670497501

Model converted to VRChat by Laezor.

Model has:
-Cubed Shaders.
-Dynamic bones.

The package contains only the model, so in your scene you must have cubed shaders and the vrcsdk. If you don't have cubed shaders you will get a pink avatar.

-The model has a problem on the right hair hand, i might fix it sometime.

click on the yami unity file to load everything.


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kirotyn 1524002862 ago

so i noticed this has dynamic bones in the breast. is that just so they bounce or will they be able to expand like in the to-love ru anime?

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FyraOCE 1520890554 ago

Hey, love the model, however due to the bug (also not liking the hair hands) I tried to remove them but then lost all the dynamic bones and it made my model like jelly in VRC when I tried to re-apply dynamic bones, so would it be possible to do an upload of this model without the hair hands but retaining all her dynamic bones? Would be greatly appreciated <3

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Gen15Lien 1519764856 ago

Oh hey, one of my favourite anime characters. Thanks for the upload.

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lagnx 1519738480 ago

It's great but fix the hair :3

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AngryNyak 1519664443 ago

Awesome! Fix right hair hand, please! And add lip sync if you can, ple-e-ase =3

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CuddleBunnyLucy 1519597961 ago

looks nice

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