Dr. Coomer the Second

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Hello Gordon! Dr. Coomer has acquired the power of the Rope! -Import VRCSDK2 -Import Dynamic Bones *. -Import Dr. Coomer -Open "Hello Gordon" scene -Upload. * If you don't have Dynamic bones, or if you're getting a missing prefab error when publishing, delete the script on "Bone16" of the barnacle under Right Wrist. Gestures: - Rock and Roll: "Hello Gordon!" - Fingerpoint: Barnacle appears in hand. - Openhand + Fingerpoint: "Look Gordon! A Rope!" - Fist: Barnacle appears on head - Openhand + Fist: "HELP ME GORDON!" - Fingergun: One of 13 different screams - Openhand + Fingergun: One of 4 different pain sounds - ThumbsUp: A truly unique and legendary voice line

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Valor Author 1588452091 ago

Hello! I apologize for the delay. The missing prefab error is due to a missing script (Dynamic Bones) on the Barnacle. To fix it, remove or replace the Dynamic Bones script on Bone16 of the Barnacle on the Right Wrist. Thank you for downloading!

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swordmanck1 1587984366 ago

Hello Gordon

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monsterbwoi 1591141737 ago

ah, this reminds me of wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia that anyone can read and edit

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IssacFreeman 1588918441 ago

How exactly do you remove the script on bone 16?

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Ristebraaten 1588385764 ago

I also get an error stating missing prefab. Really cool concept though!

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jedzachary 1588235189 ago

Every time I go to publish, it says I am missing a prefab, and also says something about a script missing from Bone 16.

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Ni 1588040048 ago


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LilChaCha 1588035042 ago

I can't seem to import this into VRChat, when I press "Build and Publish", it never publishes. What could I be doing wrong?

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NeganVR 1587920318 ago


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