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Hallo i hope you like that i have converted the Original from: sketchfab to a FBX file and i have finished with the PoiyomiToonV5.4.14 shader and the shader is includet

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Drax884 1588180835 ago

It look just like railgun in gta 5.

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chickitychoo 1588266292 ago

Where the fuck do you get these GTA 5 Models? They are awesome.

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heyman1231 1588114200 ago

Reminds me of a shitty attempt i did to make a railgun model, except this is alot better.

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Ni 1588111437 ago


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Red134 1588102770 ago

i hate toon shader on prop objects, using standard with the included normal/specular/emission maps makes it stand out. toon for skin, other shader for everything else imo.

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X B O X 1588084912 ago

why poiyomi toon shader?

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THEWOLFIEOG 1588084755 ago

why toon shader?

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