Dex's Dragon Pet V2

Uploaded by Dexstar 1588412169 ago


A little Pet asset i have been working on. I've originally made the asset a year ago for a private group but here I am fixing and touching up on it for all of you to Enjoy :) Comes with Readme file for additional setup. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to join my discord server: Just a note: The You wont see the flight animation in mirrors! This is because its not animated from your Idle animation. It is still playing for everyone around you that has your avatar completely shown, so don't worry!

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TazMaDeath1 1600039669 ago

how do you add this to an avatar, do you just plug it into a prexisting one and it just works?

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Polygonal 1588717482 ago

dragon sex

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A3ln 1588585715 ago


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sexfornegan 1588433050 ago


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d3m0n1029 1588423367 ago

the dragon wing seems broken...the animation sometimes stuck...

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d3m0n1029 1588421884 ago


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Ni 1588415843 ago


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