MMD Whistle (Old Version)

Uploaded by squidonik 1588536515 ago


Update!: I will upload better version of this, it will be better converted, and it will include all animation files, to make it look like original youtube video. - Update2: If you see this, you probably don't know that i uploaded new version of this animation, it looks better so download it, you can still download this, but i don't recommend it. New version link: - - Hi - This dance animation is converted by me and i didn't see it on this site So i'm uploading this dance because somebody may want it. - Original video: - Avatar from Picture: - - - - Sorry if my English is bad I'm from Poland.

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planetpatrick 1599780606 ago

audio included?

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Luna 1593383143 ago

I want it, it looks cute...

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iog30952 1588969262 ago


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Polygonal 1588717433 ago


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Ni 1588595692 ago


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NeganVR 1588560880 ago


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PoptartKnux 1588556575 ago

"can ya blow my whistle baby whistle baby let me know. Girl I'm gonna show you how to do it And we start real slow You just put your lips together And you come real close Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby Here we go"

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