Drone Ghost

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- how does it works. This works very smoothly. Like a brilliant Drone Preview : https://streamable.com/mbjl9e You just need to put this Prefab in your avatar to complete the installation. and Import Dynamic bones and Poiyomi Shader. If you change the value of Transform, Please always set the X-axis and Z-axis rotation values ??to 0. Special Thanks : ?noriben (https://twitter.com/noriben327) Beam Light Shader and model -> https://noriben.booth.pm/items/1637978 ?FORNO (https://twitter.com/forno_recsys) Drone Movement with Dynamic Bone -> https://forno.booth.pm/items/2026750 You wanna shoot beam with this asset...? please come in our Discord. - https://discord.gg/2BTUcha

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TheFredBear 1588631052 ago

Best Creator ever

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Shouko_Mute 1589059429 ago

how do you set it up

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Nagatoro Sensei 1589047786 ago

This is awesome! Well done!

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poppyalyssa 1588881609 ago

The prefab always disappears in the left armature as soon as I drag it there

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Halo Khed 1588863708 ago

so I try using this in my unity and keeps crashing what unity are you on

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Godzephose 1588618449 ago

By "You just need to put this Prefab in your avatar" what exactly do you mean?

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