Rimuru Tempest (eye tracking, visemes)

Uploaded by Killer_DDK 1589675003 ago


Rimuru from That Time I got Reincarnated As A Slime model has eye tracking and visemes theirs 2 other outfits for the model just lemme know if you want me to upload those too


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undeadsee 1590075460 ago

Killer_DDK would you be able to upload the other outfits you have? I'm especially interested if one has Rimuru's mask!

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Silvershock23 1589841087 ago

Nice one of my favourite anime characters, what about doing Gobta lol.

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mcbbm59485 1589713838 ago

can you make Milim Nava as well

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Sand 1592702184 ago

Killer_DDK Am i the only one that is missing certain skinned mesh render blend for his different face gesture?

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Reavo 1589743265 ago


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MoistCrouton 1589740077 ago

I give this a sex/10

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NeganVR 1589677212 ago


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Ni 1589676896 ago


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