[Dance] MMD: Galantis - Hunter [Converted MMD Dance]

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?----------------READ ME!-------------------? ?? This Motion is not created by me. I'm only a person who has convert this Motion usable for VRChat (Unity). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [4K UHD] Video Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3j0W3JXaao ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ?? Preview how the Hierarchy have to looks like for VRChat. ? https://i.imgur.com/oJpUmp0.png ? https://i.imgur.com/8GXV2ld.png ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ?? Files Inside the Unitypackage ? Dance Animation File ? MMD_BGM.mp3 ? Black Chair.fbx ? Unity Camera Animation (Not usable in VRChat) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ?? PS: A lot of keyframes has been re-animated to sync the dance-motion. This dance-motion has a little loop at the dance to use the whole Lip-Sync Face-Motion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ? More Converted MMD-Motions: https://vrcmods.com/user/Evendora ? More Converted MMD-Motions: https://neko-animation-squad.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ? Motion created by: NERO_inu ? Unity Camera by: Evendora ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ?? NAS Discord: https://discord.gg/cYGWTcs ?? For MMD conversion requests, join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/YvhbUfG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ?? If you also want to see your model is dancing here, feel free to ask me on the discord server.

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