Thicc Boi Astolfo

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Made Astolfo. It has some scuffs that I'm too lazy to fix. Left a README in the package for you 4heads who can't read instructions. If you do have a legitimate issue with the package, then do contact me, but try to problem solve before spamming DMs. That aside, I made this for fun. Public avatar if you wanna pretend to be a cute boi with a butt, I guess. You'll require: Poiyomi (Latest version) Dynamic Bones VRCSDK Set materials to cutout, turn off backface culling under poiyomi. This comes with a bulge shape key. It should be on, but you can go to body -> blendshapes -> bulge and just set it to 0 to turn it off or adjust it to your liking. Package includes: .fbx of the avatar README Blend file (for those who want to make edits or fix my lazy ass scuffs) Feel free to upload, use and abuse him. You're welcomed to put it in an avatar world as well. All I ask is that you point people to this page that legitimately want to download it. Also, sex.

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NeganVR 1590554366 ago

now this is the best model ever posted on this site, 10/10 sex

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sexfornegan 1590561477 ago


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Klushia 1590629010 ago

Your avatars are the best, may I have your discord?

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Ni 1590580271 ago


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Varsayer 1590561386 ago


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NishTheFish 1590550799 ago

this is so epic

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hamahaki 1590549249 ago


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AsdaTrolly 1590767246 ago

gay sex

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Kylian 1590744148 ago

short legs

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