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Make sure you upload the PoiShaders first before uploading the Model. This model comes 100% ready to upload. Join my discord for avatar updates / Assets / Models / Help-


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sexfornegan 1592536192 ago


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NeganVR 1592534593 ago


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CW_Boy 1592515313 ago

Nice avatar, but why in vrchat leg twisted inwards ? Could you help me ?

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Raven Miller 1594695794 ago

Am I the only one who's missing the eye balls?

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_TeraM0nster 1594259522 ago

I am new to this, how to import it into Blender? Doe sanyone know?

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prezm 1593205006 ago

mind if i edit the avatar?

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OffWhiteOk 1593195710 ago

Shaders? Please?

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Red134 1593187299 ago


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ciberfiber 1592957442 ago

ok, how do i do the poi shaders

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yokishe 1592681690 ago

i nnedthe shaders

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