TDA Miku Pack Part 1 (Converted MMD Models)

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I want to show you some models that i converted, and did't used them (i only used TDA Default miku) So i decided to Upload them Here. MODELS ARE NOT MADE BY ME, I ONLY CONVERTED THEM, THEY ARE CREATED BY Xoriu, So Credit Him not Me! They Have: Visemes (Lip Sync), Eye Tracking, Blinking, Dynamic Bones, Dynamic Bone Colliders And Glowing Textures. They All use same Shader (MMS3). You can use other Shader, If You Want Original Models By Xoriu (for MMD): TDA Miku Trio (Default, Snow And Sakura are in Part 2): TDA Electric Love Miku: TDA Electric Love Miku (Wakamura Version): TDA GAME OVER Miku: TDA Distorted Princess Miku: IMPORTANT: don't try to upload with 2 Scenes Opened. Upload Them Separately! If You find bugs Tell Me i will try to fix them Guide For People new to Unity: 1. Create New Project in Unity 2. (DO THIS BEFORE IMPORTING MY PACKAGE) Import VRChat SDK! 3. Then Import My Package (TDA Miku Pack) 4. When Imported Double Click Scene that have Avatar You want to Open it 5. Upload Avatar 6. Check Ingame


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