Kamina Glasses

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The popular Squirtle glasses, also seen in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. A completely self-made model of the Squirtle glasses in Blender, less than 200 tris, made with reference images only [SQUIRTLE NOT INCLUDED] Thumbnail rendered in Blender, squirtle model in thumbnail is from Pokemon X/Y


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NeganVR 1593693270 ago


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ShortcutsVR 1594226741 ago

The glasses don't show up in unity

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F 1593750473 ago

They're called Kamina Glasses and they're from TTGL. Pretty sure an MMD of the glasses already exist but oh well.

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Abluefish 1593740841 ago

It’s perfect

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Jasper Tenebris 1593715813 ago

very gamer

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