Slingshot Bikini Seiki (Dynamic Bones Fixed)

Uploaded by CakeLord 1596028541 ago


EDIT 7/29/2020: Added missing dynamic bones to the butt. I have a twitter that I never use, but it does have a link to a, "special" version of this avatar. I'm pushing the limits of what is an acceptable avatar in a, "better" direction. My intention is not to have my models coexist with other Seikis or TDAs, but to replace them. I want my models to shine brightly in their own way against everyone else. Includes Visemes, Gestures, Dynamic Bones, and Colliders. The dynamic bones are on the ears, chest, butt, and tail while each hand has one collider. The base body and outfit for this model was created in Koikatsu. Requires Xiexe's Unity Shader 2.2.3 or newer and Dynamic Bones. 51K Tris and 3 Materials.

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hamahaki 1596679855 ago

If you download this avatar you lose penis privilidges

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Red134 1596135885 ago


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Orion 1596127536 ago


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Rin boy 1596116621 ago


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Jmp 1596051434 ago

When I try and Use this package it keeps coming up as "Missing Prefab" and i have all the Required assets needed to make the model work. Any help will be much Appreciated.

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NeganVR 1596039705 ago


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MrDoon 1596032875 ago


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