Raid Shadow Legends animations

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Email [email protected] if any issues or questions. Animations from Raid Shadow Legends ported to unity humanoid. Extracted using Prefare Asset Studio Models, sounds and more assets avaliable from my archive Includes: AOE, AOE 1, AOE_flying 01, AOE_flying 11, appearance, ArcherAoe, ArcherAttack, ArcherDeath, ArcherHit, ArcherIdle, ArcherIdle_HW, attack_flying, crit_bow, crit_flying, Death, death_flying, flying, ForceBossIdle, ForceBossIdle01, ForceBossIdle02, hit, hit_1, hit_flying, hit_orbsboss_neutral, hit_orbsboss_void, hit_PVE_Knight, hit_special_shield, iceGolem_AOE01, iceGolem_AOE02, iceGolem_AOE03, iceGolem_death, iceGolem_hit, iceGolem_idle, IceGolemDeathParts, idle, idle_bow_interruption1, idle_flying, idle_flying_interruption1 07, idle_interruption, idle_orbsboss_neutral, idle_orbsboss_neutral_interruption1, idle_orbsboss_neutral_interruption2, idle_special_shield, idle_special_shield_in, idle_special_shield_out, idle_twohanded 35, IdleVoidBoss, IgnoreDef_anim, leaving, Revieve, skill_1, skill_2, skill_3, skill_4, Stun_1, stun_flying, SwapHp, TwoHanded_idle_battle, TwoHanded_idle_hw, TwoHanded_idle_hw_interruption1, TwoHanded_idle_hw_interruption2, TwoHandedIdleInterruption1, TwoHandedIdleInterruption2, TwoHandedOnlyAoe, TwoHandedOnlyAttack, TwoHandedOnlyAttack_1, TwoHandedOnlyDeath, TwoHandedOnlyIdle, Walk


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