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Uploaded by PsychoUpdates 1596189995 ago


This model comes 100% ready to upload. Recommend using PoiShaders. Discord Server| Poiyomi shaders|


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bitty 1596570761 ago


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NeganVR 1596221553 ago


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JiggleJogglers 1598423561 ago

nice avatar. but those pants are overused fam

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treesablaze420 1597941528 ago

Love the model however it says it has over 140k polygons? lets me uplad with less how can i fix?

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YaBoiJason 1597700197 ago

it wont let me upload the model?

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Red134 1596944328 ago


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MCKing 1596831143 ago

why are all of your avatars pink in unity? am i doing something that i know nothing of or is it a problem on your side? i dunno im bad at unity stuff

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spirit52 1596652734 ago

where did u get the hair for this model?

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