Five TDA Models ( Download In description).

Uploaded by Laezor 1519779032 ago


five tda models converted to vrchat by Laezor.

original link:

all models have:
-mouth visemes.
-lip sync.
-dynamic bones.
-eye tracking.
-some animations.

Download Link:!BogliBKY!0GtXjXCU2ypGURoGcVh9rVp4_j318cd2WdlYKhj9eog

in you scene you need to have vrcsdk and cubed paradox shaders, after that import the model package.

click on the "tda pack" to load everything.

if you download the package, click the up arrow vote :)


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Hayan 1546771263 ago

The original link is dead

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Viscoun 1545159675 ago

haku doesn't have pants. is there a fix

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Mijin 1522459255 ago

I can't get eye tracking to work.

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emida 1520003399 ago

OMG When I choose Yowane her bikini bottom isn't covoring up her uhm- Part o_o What to do?

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Rika360 1519964183 ago

hola!!!... oye podrias subir a TDA Miku,Haku,Luka,IA,Teto y Neru clasicos? en un pack ?

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Jaymzblah 1519933921 ago

Thank you for that info, Okeydokai ^-^

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NEIN11 1519904136 ago

everything works but the eye tracking when I upload , any ideas? do i need to use blender for the eye tracking?

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Okeydokai 1519897742 ago

Jaymzblah, you need to disable Haku and enable the avatar you want to upload by checking/unchecking the checkbox next to their name in the Inspector.

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Jaymzblah 1519853489 ago

how do you seperate the models? I can only get Haku out of this package

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Pedro6Silva 1519828899 ago

Thank you =)

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Falix 1519824476 ago

Works perfectly and the models look great. Thanks for uploading

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PixelNo 1519820225 ago

Avatar comes out pink, I know you have to use cube shaders to combat that issue.
The ones provided in the download do not work.

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Rika360 1519797201 ago

gracias! ya se como hacerlo! me encantan tus modelos!... espero ver estos modelos pero con vestuario deferente! :)

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Rika360 1519796398 ago

esta todo junto pense que seria por separado... nunca vi esto que tengo que hacer para instalar uno por uno?

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Rika360 1519794612 ago

vere si puedo y te digo :)

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YoImADog 1519791673 ago

Thank you for this

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