ACTUALLY Every Fortnite Animation (Chapter 2: Season 3 v13.40)

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this game is just GTA now Every Emote and Idle Animation in Fortnite: Battle Royale as of version 13.40. All Emotes are named exactly as they appear in-game, and all Idle Animations reference the character they come from. New Additions to Package are as follows: ----------------------------- - Balletic - BuckleUp - FreeWheelin' - Taxi! - It'sComplicated - OutWest - RaiseTheCup Enjoy.


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KodyIsSad 1604511293 ago

Yo any chance you can add the walking animations and stuff from party royale for the next pack, i want my to supirse my friend with an avatar that looks like it was ripped straight from the game.

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Orion 1597959957 ago

Fortnite is for queers

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Markz 1613615624 ago

goated my shlatt

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Beatbuster 1598741875 ago

Is there an animation for the getting knocked and down-but-not-out state in the game files that you could also add to this pack?

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luca06luwa 1598262599 ago

Does it have the Audio with the emotes?

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NeganVR 1597942825 ago


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