Fall Guys Template (Custome model made by: MrIvanovichh#2171) Avatar 3.0

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IF you make an edit send it to me to put it in the Fall Guys Map(FallDudes) Link to the FallGuys map! https://bit.ly/34p4mtx So your avatar can be part of this map proyect. Link to my Discord so you can share your edits! and recieve updates on what im working on! https://discord.gg/QgZcfsz Contents: -Avatar 3.0-Basic Setup -3D model *.Fbx -Photoshop -Texture *.png If you want to learn about how to upload to Avatars 3.0 i have a tutorial (en ESPAƑOL tambien!!) https://youtu.be/LrWhqLBf4sQ Every person that has its avatar on the map will get the corresponding credit of its edit. Visit my map Spanish Garden! Where you can select my avatars! https://bit.ly/33Si8EC And expect soon the launch of "Fall Dudes" In Vrchat!! I mrivanvoichh am the creator of this Avatar model based on FallGuys franchise. This model is not and will never cost, if you see someone selling it please report it, this model is FREE and for the comunity!! Ideas for edits: -Fall Dude E-Boy/ E-Girl -Uganda Falldude -FallKon -FallGal (female version) Leave your ideas in the comments ! My social media: Instagram im the most active there! https://www.instagram.com/mrivanovichh/ Want to comission me an avatar? Contact me on Fiverr! https://www.fiverr.com/mrivanovichh


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NeganVR 1598023286 ago


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happyhappyjoyjoyjoy 1598008290 ago

awesome! nice idea i have! a fallguy with cat theme like whiskers and dark cat ears! xD

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Foxyed 1598312352 ago

honestly, this things kinda creepy. doesnt look alot like the normal fall guy in that regard.

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PoptartKnux 1598033004 ago

Now I can finally Fall with the Guys!

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