Car Sheerer's Dance Animation (Rames)

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To be clear, this is not the one posted yoshino. With that out of the way, here's my version of Carsheerer's dance, once again animated on the impim skeleton. Includes the music and animation files. I posted this in the impim discord a couple weeks after I finished Goopie's and it lived there for a bit until now. I tried uploading this before but it didn't seem to be approved. (Probably because I just made my account then) Tested on the Impim and Avali models and looks ok on there. There's no ring finger animation for this because the imp doesn't have it but you should be able to add it yourself easily. Have fun I guess idk. Video: Dopesheet:

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RaZeGreen 1598314746 ago

Fix it ...... clear have humanoid fingers in the frames

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Checko 1598259503 ago

noice :3

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NeganVR 1598232671 ago


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