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First Thing, This Description Is Similar To: TDA Default Miku, Because Yes I Copied Most Of Default Miku Description, I'm Too Lazy to write something new :p I Was Doing this Edit For A Month Differences with Default Miku: Shorter Hands And Legs Chibi Head Modified Hair she have: MMS3 Shader, Dynamic Bones, Dynamic Bone Colliders Lip Sync (Viseme Blend Shapes), Eye Tracking And Blinking, Finger Trails, Glowing Blue Parts of clothing, Glowing Eyes, Glowing Hair tips. Info: I Gave Her Sit Pose And Crawling Animation, Info2: Everything (Shader, Finger Trails, Dynamic Bone settings) Is Copied From My Unity Project, So It Should Work With No Problems, Info3: There Is Controller With Sit Pose And Crawling Animation, No Other Animations Included! Note: Before Importing My Unitypackage Make Sure You imported VRCSDK! Note2: When You go to armature>hips>spine there is Collider! It's named 2nd spine collider it must be there! And Don't change it's name! Credits: Original Model: Xoriu, TDA Child Edit: Me Textures: Xoriu, TDA, Me (I Edited Textures to make glow effect) Finger Trail: Lugia01 (I Was Too Lazy to do My own) Shader: (i dont know how to write this, so have a link) Dynamic Bone Settings: Me Shader Configuration: Me (It Took me so long to make it look like now) Converting: Me (With Help of "CATS Blender Plugin") Fixing: Me (Again, With Help of "CATS Blender Plugin") Material and Texture Renaming: Me There is no MMD Version So There will be No Link


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