HECU Heavy Gunner Wolfboy

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H.E.C.U. (Hazardous Environment Combat Unit) Heavy Weapons Grunt wolfboy based from the HWGrunt from Sven Coop. *Requires Poiyomi Shader, Unity 2018 (Unity 2018.4.20f1) and the latest VRChat SDK (VRCSDK2-2020. or later) *Optimized for Full-Body-Tracking *Contains 1 scene file inside "HECU Wolfboy Assets" folder. ~> Weapons Included: Minigun .357 Magnum Revolver ~> Equipment: Satchel Charge Flashlight NVG ~> Custom Emotes for both standing and sitting for desktop users; and gesture triggerable by doing keystrokes: Shift+(F1-F8). ~> For VR users, you can access the triggers by toggling the "rocknroll" hand gesture (firing gesture for all weapons), "thumbsup" (detonate satchel charge), "victory/peace" gesture (deploy Primary weapon), "finger gun" gesture (deploy Secondary weapon), "fingerpoint" gesture (reload weapon/spin minigun barrel), and "hand open" (to reset the gesture) Credits: HECU Body base ~> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=105684099 TDA Len Base ~> https://www.deviantart.com/espirea/art/and-again-Len-Sw-Boxers-DOWNLOAD-499927804 Weapons ~> Sven Coop Satchel Charge ~> Black Mesa Poiyomi Shader for .357 Revolver


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willis8080 1602756901 ago

I'll wait for Battlefield jets to come out. I don't care how long it will takes. I ever wanted an avatar made out of aircraft. Plus, I'm not that good at making avatar.

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