simp walk

Uploaded by Gocko1114 1602816289 ago


an animation for all those simps out there.

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4DollarOrphan 1604378093 ago

i cant figure out how to make it so when i click one of the f1- f8 buttons in vrchat it will toggle to the mesh with the animation on it and then when i click a different one it will toggle back to the normal mesh so it will stop the animation.

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chaseblakes 1603594518 ago

I cant create an animation to toggle my clone on or off it shows the animator highlighted in red

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Bluerailer 1603054685 ago

How do I trigger this emote?

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Milaan 1602989779 ago

What is that missing script on the Audio source?

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Raivo 1602972585 ago


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NeganVR 1602848544 ago


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