Genshin Impact - Kaeya (gestures, dynamic bones)

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Yo, here today again, this time to bring you Kaeya from Genshin Impact Kaeya comes with a few facial gestures, dynamic bones and model resized to be accurate in height (weapon not included because it wasn't on the source model) facial expressions are: victory / shift + f5 = smile fist / shit + f2 = angry (feel free to use the other shapekeys to make more facial gestures) I merged some of the bones on the model because honestly you don't need all of them, it'll just make you lag more lmao, also I've only put physics on the jacket since that's all I used but feel free to add more yourself (remember, optimization is key. PS: you can always download the original model from the source below) Components needed for the model: VRCSDK2: (ONLY IMPORT SDK2, IF YOU IMPORT BOTH THE SDK WON'T WORK) Dynamic bones (if you want physics) Shader used: Model source: Enjoy! for support, contact Eagle#4191 on discord or join the vrcmods discord and ask around the help channels :)

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NeganVR 1604521702 ago


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TeddyyBear 1604751346 ago

Omg thank you so much for adding my husband !! (=??ยด=)

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RetroVr 1613361890 ago

Can you make one for sucrose?? :)

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Dovah Kro 1606856809 ago

does this work with sdk3?

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ADF11F 1605722402 ago

You do Realize it is against the rules of redistributing the model if you have read the rules pls remove it

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Skillfulbombird 1605035331 ago

Can you make the Ruin Guard from Genshin? that would be cool to see in VRchat.

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