Emoji particle system prefab (Avatar 3.0 Fix)

Uploaded by epicEaston199 1606122781 ago


this allows you to mimic what the Emojis do in game with your own icons. there's a small delay between emojis. I made this with some help from a friend if you want to make a new emojis the animation file will have to be 300 frames and you have to unhide the particle system in both frames it requires PoiyomiToonShader it also requires SDK 3.0 but of course you can edit the material to be whatever you need if you want to do 8 emojis you'll have to put it on a sub menu a video showing you how to set it up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BqhPrn0TAs

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ioh 1606335519 ago

trying to use this as a sub menu and the animations do not work.

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epicEaston199 Author 1606131102 ago

I am really sorry for the inconvenience

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epicEaston199 Author 1606125694 ago

I downloaded it once to test it and the prefabs are in it

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epicEaston199 Author 1606125065 ago

if there's a problem with it comment here

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rel 1606469664 ago


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epicEaston199 Author 1606386784 ago

oh no it was supposed to be in a sub menu by default oh my God

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