Tomimi (SDK3)

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Tomimi from Arknights. Modelled by Sour and converted by me. I reduced the amount of bones in a few places for optimization, and made masks for specular highlights & matcaps (and some other stuff, but let's not make a long list) ---------------------------------- Includes: Clothing toggles (cloak, scarf, & goggles), custom idle & gesture animations, FBX file, specular highlights, matcaps, and pre-setup dynamic bones/colliders. ---------------------------------- MODEL RULES: • Allowed: Editing & redistribution (with credit, please!) (If you plan to redistribute the model, include the original ReadMe ((Sour ReadMe.txt)) and your own ReadMe.) • NOT Allowed: Commercial use, R-18 (NSFW), political or religious use, use for contempt towards countries or people, use for violating public order, lack of wise and subtle judgment, deceiving / claiming to be the original creator ---------------------------------- REQUIREMENTS: • Unity 2018.4.20f1 • VRCSDK3 • PoiToon Shader 6.0 or newer • Dynamic Bones 1.2.1 or newer ---------------------------------- Additional credit to Pandaabear#9873 (skin matcap), WetCat#6969 & AlcTrap#0001 (locomotion animators) All custom animations are made by me. ---------------------------------- Original model download: ---------------------------------- It you're interested in other avatar-related stuff I'm doing (or want the base I made for this model), feel free to join my discord:

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Rustyboy 1606191601 ago

Hell yea time to make nsfw

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Mime0Tron 1612755966 ago

This is so well curated. I don't have to fiddle with bugged or poorly crafted modules. Everything is just ready to go. Thanks man!

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yuebu1 1654740797 ago

is it possible you could separate the tail for toggle also ?

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rel 1606469587 ago


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